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how our store credit system works

We offer up to 30% store credit of what we would charge for something, depending on condition. If we charge $10 for a game, you will get $3 store credit if it is in perfect order.  We deduct from this amount based on the condition of the item.  If it is a disc, we will deduct if there are scratches on it or if the case is damaged.  If it is a console, we will deduct if it is broken, dirty, or is missing cables/ controllers.

Popular & newly released titles

We offer up to 40% for titles that have been released within the past 2 months as well as popular Retro games and consoles that we are currently out of stock.  Here are some titles that we currently offer 40% Store credit on:

  • Super Mario Bros. Series - All Consoles
  • The Legend of Zelda Series - NES, SNES, N64, NGC
  • Super Mario Kart Series - SNES, N64, NGC
  • Mega Man Series - NES, SNES, N64
  • Final Fantasy Series - NES, SNES, PS1
  • Chrono Trigger - SNES
  • Starwars Battlefront II - Xbox
  • Pokemon Series - GB, GBA

Cash payouts

We generally offer a cash trade for between 10% & 20% of what we would charge for something.  Unfortunately, we are a small business and cannot afford to give cash for everything.  Cash payouts are at the discretion of the cashier and are dependent on if we need said item.